ZEISS VISUREF 100 Auto Refractor Keratometer


Zeiss Visuref 100 is a tool, including keratometer and auto-refractometer. Handling features allow you to run the dimensions with a single apparatus, including pupil and iris diameter tests.

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ZEISS VISUREF 100 provides precise and reliable data for your daily practice routines.
Intuitive handling features let you run the most crucial measurements with one apparatus, including pupil and iris diameter tests.

Refraction measurements of individuals with implanted IOLs will also be possible.
Additionally, the Automated fogging incorporates an infinity scene to reduce the effects of lodging

VISUREF 100 Autorefractor/Keratometer with the measurement range from -25D to +22operational and D modes to measure refraction, keratometry, corneal diameter and contact lens base curve. Motorized chinrest and 6.4″ TFT tiltable color LCD screen, Integrated thermo printer and RS-232 interface.

Key benefits for you and your patients
Accurate and reliable data for high-quality patient care
Convenience in measurement and handling
Transparent information and clear visibility for data analysis
Patient comfort through ergonomic design
The optional ZEISS VISUCONNECT 500 provides network connectivity, direct DICOM, and a well-defined EMR interface
Four different operation modes

  • Refraction and keratometry combined (RK)
  • Refraction (REF)
  • Keratometry (KER)
  • Contact lens base curve (CLBC)


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