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ZEISS SL 220 slit lamp is a Superb optical and mechanical qualities that one has come to expect from detailed in addition to ZEISS, operation that is convenient, contrast-rich images encourage fast, accurate slit lamp biomicroscopy. Wide-ranging accessories permit to suit your preferences.

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ZEISS SL 220 Slit Lamp is a Superb optical and mechanical qualities with  flexible performance 

Zeiss SL 220 Slit Lamp LED gives you the flexibility and reliability you need for every day’s use. Its operational concept which features LED lighting combined with top illumination has been tried and tested severally and as such, to every buyer, it is one solid investment you will enjoy for many years to come. The quality you find in the Zeiss SL 220 Slit Lamp is characterized by outstanding mechanical and optical properties, detailed and high contrast images as well as a comfortable operation.

If you are into these kinds of medical optical equipment, then you will appreciate the ability of the equipment to grant you fast and precise eye examination for the images, and this is exactly what you find with this particular model. Its design is not just for quality performance and reliability but also will grant users the versatility they need for comfortable and precise operations.

It is also pleasing to note that the Zeiss SL -220 comes with a wide range of accessories to help with the easy configuration of the slit lamp to suit an individual’s personal preferences.

The optical brilliance of the Zeiss SL 220 Slit Lamp

The optical brilliance of the Zeiss SL – 220 LED is something every user will fall in love with if they appreciate quality in slit lamps. It has the following unique attributes-:

  • LED Technology – the Zeiss SL – 200 LED features state-of-the-art LED technology that facilitates instant and constant lighting of the lamp. With such, you are assured of proper illumination and great images throughout the time that the lamp will be in use.
  • Stereo base with large overview field – to further aid the optical capabilities of the lamp, the Zeiss SL – 220 comes with a 22mm stereo base that boasts of a large overview field. The base further has a rotatable 12mm gap which makes it possible for users to have a wonderful view of the whole anterior segment of the eye.
  • Very high contracts – for the kinds of images required from Zeiss SL – 200, high contrast, with high resolution is necessary for quick and reliable examination. That is exactly what you find with the Zeiss SL – 220 LED.

Optical Usability

As far as the optical usability is concerned, the Zeiss SL – 220 is not your ordinary lamp. It has with every feature a user will desire for comfort and convenience during the examination. They include, but not limited to the followings:

  • A joystick to help you have first, reliable and comfortable controls during operation
  • The LED lighting for intuitive working
  • A choice of between three and five magnification levels for more detailed overviews
  • Convergence or parallel tubes for personal preferences during operations.

Convenient imaging

The Zeiss SL – 200 slit lamp comes fitted with an imaging module that will document any type of slit lamp examination with high-resolution videos and images which can then be used for reviews, patient education or follow-ups. The lamp also has a fully integrated 5mpx camera and powerful imaging software that guarantees the production of the high-resolution videos and images.

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