Alcon WaveLight EX500 Excimer Laser


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Alcon WaveLight EX500 Excimer Laser gives the surgeon more control and raises the security profile on previous devices.

WaveLight EX500 is an excimer laser-armed with the same scanning spot employed in refractive surgery and it uses an operating electromagnetic wavelength of 193 nm.

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Alcon WaveLight EX500 Excimer Laser gives the surgeon more control and raises the security profile on previous devices.

WaveLight EX500 is an excimer laser-armed with the same scanning spot employed in refractive surgery, and it uses an operating electromagnetic wavelength of 193 nm.

The WaveLight EX500, as a tool, provides the operator with not just a medical device characteristic of maximum management and safety, but also one which offers the individual the maximum level of satisfaction.

The EX500 can be designed in such a way that it fits right into a refractive suite of lasers and diagnostic tools produced by Alcon/WaveLight.
To be sure to track the eye correctly, the EX500’s tracking system is composed of four lights situated in positions similar to the corners of a rectangle, using a fifth fixation lighting placed in the center of the rectangle.

The WaveLight EX500 is the quickest excimer laser available today, working at 500 Hz with a treatment period of 1.4 seconds per diopter-a 20% improvement over preceding laser generations. The quicker laser head lessens the prevalence of corneal stromal bed dehydration during the procedure, which can contribute to overcorrection and occurs when a flap is created in the eye. The quicker speed, combined with a precise algorithm, leads to less stromal drying of the cornea during treatment, improving patient relaxation and diminishing patient fixation fatigue. The result is a more exact result and increased patient comfort. Recovery times are also reduced, decreasing swelling, inflammation, and dryness.

The WaveLight EX500 also gets the quickest multidimensional eye tracker which will track ten times quicker than the human eye can move. This video-based eye tracker ensures that sensitivity to individual eye movement is diminished, including a two millisecond latency time and the ability to monitor a broad range of pupil sizes from 1.5mm to 8mm. The laser calibrates itself. Calibrations for fluence (the quantity of energy delivered to the eye tissue in each heartbeat) are done once daily and before each treatment. The laser also optimizes the pattern of stimulation to float every fifth pulse to decrease thermal impact to the retina and also to improve the surface quality for ablation (the vaporizing of tissue via laser), resulting in better, more exact results and increased patient comfort.

The WaveLight EX500 can quantify and track corneal thickness (pachymetry) before, during, and following the process. The measurements and treatment data are recorded via an automatic log file storage system created to keep much better track of patient records. The availability of online optical pachymetry guarantees that the surgeon is always mindful of a patient’s corneal thickness throughout the whole procedure.

What are the benefits the EX500 provides? 

  • Quicker treatment — featuring a 500hz repeat speed, the EX500 is America’s fastest excimer laser. Faster speed means more accuracy and a quicker overall treatment. The speed of treatment is important because it prevents breakage of the embryo, which leads to better outcomes.
  • More accurate treatment — that the EX500 is outfitted with a multi-dimensional eye tracker that calibrates the position of your eye over 1000 times a second, leading to the most consistent treatment possible. Coupled with the improved rate of the laser, these developments greatly lessen any chance of a complication at all.
  • A larger assortment of treatment — that the EX500 has one of the widest treatment ranges accessible for even the highest degrees of hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism. Even if you’ve been told you aren’t a candidate for LASIK, the EX500 could be a treatment choice for you.
  • Better results — what exactly does this all add up to? Better visual outcomes. With lively wavefront-optimized therapy, the accuracy if treatment is unsurpassed. In reality, the WaveLight EX500 was demonstrated to really enhance your night vision by reducing glares and halos, when in comparison to other excimer laser techniques. The other statistic? The consistent greater than 20/20 outcomes out of all LASIK lasers.

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