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Topcon sl-d2 comes with a disintegrated digital camera and basically has a very high resolution and hence providing accurate results for imaging.

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Topcon SL-D2 Digital Slit Lamp Is Significant For Conventional Examination

Topcon SL-D2 is a useful digital slit lamp ideal for conventional examination purposes and used widely with eye care professionals. As there are many slit lamps available in the market, yet Topcon SL-D2 is a significant choice. As a too advanced optical instrument, it produces high-quality images, videos, etc. The history of Topcon SL-D2 digital device, hold experience of 70 years in the sphere of slit lamp technology.

Firstly,  its useful functionality, unique design and advanced technical mechanism provide quality, durability, portability, and accessibility for optical professionals worldwide. SL-D2 is a modern microscopy device unable retinal specialists to deal with patient’s eye problems with detailed digital configuration.

Product Description About Topcon SL-D2 Digital Slit Lamp

Though with countless advantages, SL-D2 digital slit lamp is one of the leading Topcon microscopy devices that comes with all advanced features. SL-D2 is a guaranteed digital slit lamp equipment helpful to get fine-defined eye structure.

The new eye care device provides digital photography and video and is the most useful lamp that comes to the aid of this examination. Furthermore, it is an extensive medical product with all advanced yet developed specifications.

Topcon Slit Lamp, Sl-D2 provides eye care professional, excellent quality images of the fundus and endothelium. Above all, it also allows digital plus fluorescein images, corneal images, high definition videos for fluoro examination.

The Topcon SL-D2 also uses the background flash feature uniquely which gives a sharp, clear and detailed view of the object. It reflects high-quality imaging of cornea and endothelium. SL-D2 inherited with many unique features and specifications like filters which exceptionally improve its ability. The optical device named SL-D2’s unique filter feature offers magnificent fluorescein image of the anterior segment.

Key Features:

  • Three convenient magnification ratios of 10x, 16x and 25.6x selectable with Galilean-type drum
  • Optional DC-3 digital camera for 8-megapixel imaging
  • Cost-effective solution for imaging and clinical examination
  • Optimal clarity, color resolution, and depth-of-field
  • Optional mount for Goldmann 870 tonometer
  • Available in table mount or unit configuration

Specifications Of Topcon SL-D2 Digital Slit Lamp

  • Quality Magnification

Topcon SL-D2 digital slit lamp produces unique photo set with all anterior and posterior digital images. It is a significant eye care gadget that comes with an excellent magnification ration of different ranges. Also, the magnification ranges lie between 10x to 25x including three steps by drum rotation of 10x, 16x and 25x respectively.

  • Special-Filters

In addition, the SL-D2 is dominant eye care professional device with standard amber filter feature. It gives imaging with clear, sharp and high contrasted fundus pictures. Its special optical filter will also help retinal specialists to know the detailed structure of the patient’s eye with amazing fluoro images and videos. It gives filters of Blue, Red-Free, and Amber with standard UV cut off, and IR cut as well.

  • Additional Flash Attachment FD-21

Topcon SL-D2 needs a unique same brand FD-21 flash attachment set that improves the imaging clarity and usability of the device. Its additional flashlight will enable the practitioner to get high definition images and videography of endothelium and fundus. In fact,  Topcon is the only brand in microscopic equipment and accessories that provide this type of flash unit separately.

  • Digital Cameras

SL-D2 gives extensive and quality photography and videography but still need some other optional yet additional accessories. Topcon itself develop many such required accessories for more specific and digital imaging that supports a wide range of digital cameras.

  • Topcon DC-1, Dedicated SL-D Series

Likewise, it includes a digital defined camera of various brands and model such as Sony DXC 900/390, Nikon D70, Nikon D2H/D2X, etc. Beside other accessories, 1/2″ and 1/3 CCD cameras are also supportive of Topcon SL-D2 equipment.

In Conclusion

Topcon SL-D2 Digital Slit Lamp model is, however, an ideal solution for both digital imaging and clinical examinations. . Topcon’s optical instrument lies in the type of Galilean magnification changer, converging binocular tubes with 8-megapixel power. SL-D2 can move with 180-degree scanning capability.

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