Moria Evolution 3E Microkeratome Console One Use Plus System


Moria Evolution 3E Microkeratome Console One Use Plus System for Lasik is A frequent technology platform for all Surgeries.

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Moria Evolution 3E Microkeratome Console One Use Plus System for Lasik is A frequent technology platform for all Surgeries.

MORIA’ s console offers an abundance of features to enhance performance, safety, flexibility, and ease-of-use. Two speeds enable the flexibility to manage corneal geometries, in addition to customization of flap depth. Two high performance pumps produce a vacuum. Valve manipulation is facilitated by low vacuum option on a reverse pass and world fixation that is protected through laser ablation. Slow vacuum release gentle onset, alternative, and discharge to minimize possible injury and patient discomfort. Continuously supports status through audible and visual signals and monitors all parameters. Operates the M2 Single Utilization, the One-Use-Plus, the Epi-KTM along with the ALTK-CBm System for keratoplasty.

This Moria process is full with the 1 Use Plus engine that is designed to use rings and disposable heads. This is one of those existing Moria models and can reduce the thinnest flap in comparison to some other microkeratome.

Motor and the console have been completely serviced, tested and are guaranteed to be working to the manufacturers specifications. There is A full warranty included.

The Moria Evolution 3E is the most versatile platform from the Moria lineup and their most current console. This system is designed to run any of those Moria systems to include the Epi K (included), M2 (included) and One Use Plus (included).

MORIA’ s computerized console offers a wealth of features to enhance performance, safety, flexibility, and easy-to-use:

  • Two forward speeds allow customization of flap thickness, as well as flexibility to manage various corneal geometries.
  • Two high performance pumps rapidly create stable vacuum.
  • Low vacuum option facilitates extremely gentle flap manipulation on reverse pass and secures globe fixation during laser ablation.
  • “Slow vacuum release” option provides gentle onset and release to minimize patient discomfort and potential retinal trauma
  • Runs on wall current, with built-in back up battery for uninterrupted use.
  • Continuously monitors all key parameters and confirms status through visual and audible signals.
  • Operates the Epi-KTM, the One Use-Plus, the M2 Single Use and the ALTK-CBm System for corneal keratoplasty.

The One Use-Plus System

One Use-Plus SBK offers accuracy, predictability and reproducibility equivalent to femto SBK, with faster recovery and at a fraction of the cost.

• Pre-assembled, linear, automated microkeratome.
• Intraoperative visibility.
• Nasal hinge.
• Several head sizes available for customized flap thicknesses from 100μm(1) to 140μm(2) on average.
• Several Single-Use suction rings to accommodate for all keratometries.

The Single-Use Solution
• Protected blade to avoid potential damage.
• Eliminates complications and risks probably linked to damaged or improperly reusable heads.
• Eliminates sterilization and maintenance.
• More rapid patient turnover, greater profitability.
• Lower initial investment costs.


  • – Dimensions: 430 x 240 x 190mm
  • – Weight: 13.6 kg
  • – Ambiant temperature: 15°C to 35°C (59°F to 95°F)
  • – Non-condensing humidity: 45% to 75%
  • – Voltage/cycles: 115 V / 50-60Hz 230 V / 50-60Hz
  • – External fuse: 500 mA high switching power
  • – Battery capacity and type (inside the control unit):
  • 12 V – 7 Ah (Pb)
  • – Fuse (inside the control unit): 3.15 AT and 500mAT
  • – Inlet: console supply: 4-6 bars / 58-87 psi
  • – Outlet: turbine supply: 3.2 bars / 46 psi
  • – Authorized range: 2.5 to 3.5 bars
  • – Type of protection against electric shock:
  • Safety class BF (according to IEC 60601-1)

Moria Evolution 3E USER MANUAL



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