Alcon LuxOR LX3 Ophthalmic Microscope


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The LuxOR LX3 Ophthalmic Microscope features unique technologies designed to maximize both anterior and posterior procedures, providing exceptional visualization1 for every type of ophthalmic surgery.

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LuxOR LX3 Ophthalmic Microscope Help eye surgeons see in beautiful detail with all the LuxOR LX3 ophthalmic microscope from Alcon.

The range’s ILLUMIN-i technology provides an excellent red reflex and depth of field, allowing surgeons to work quickly and confidently. Should you require an assistant scope, pair the LX3 with the Q-VUE 3D assistant visualization update. It sports a different magnification changer and accurate 3D stereo imaging that does not take light in the optical pathway. Wireless foot controller and A touch screen allow customization of favored doctor settings.

Experience easy integration using all the Verion® Image Guided System, which offers electronic markers and image-guided overlays right on your ocular. Monitor Centurion Vision System was standing on live video overlays via the rear control panel and screen.
Through Alcon’s monitoring procedure, Alcon has noticed that multiple distributions or forceful impact to a caster on a Luxor LX3 microscope can pressure the chemical base, which might promote some caster breaking or detach from the base. This may lead to the potential for bodily injury from the microscope tipping or falling.

LuxOR LX3: This state-of-the-art ophthalmic microscope offers an expanded visual field, more significant and stable red reflex, excellent visible detail, touch screen video control, and customized configurations. It comprises technology to provide a constant, six times larger, high-quality red zone irrespective of centration student size, eye tilt or patient movement. There is an enhanced focal length between the lens and the patient’s eye, that provides a greater depth of focus for greater visualization, detail, and contrast. The mind is a 3D stereo helper range using a light path that doesn’t reduce light from the surgeons’ optical pathway, features a magnification changer that is independent, also swivels 180 degrees for convenient positioning. AMP technology delivers light to the surgeon through procedures.

LuxOR LX3 with Q-VUE™ Ophthalmic Microscope:

• Expanded visual field using a 6x-larger, exceptionally secure zone1
• Less attention adjustment throughout the Process
• Excellent detail and comparison, including visualization of the retina1
• Gives a stereoscope


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