KOWA VX-10 Fundus Camera Mydriatic


KOWA VX-10 is a fundus camera that’s capable of mydriatic and non-mydriatic photography with two angles of view: 50 and 25 (45 and 22 for non-mydriatic photography)

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Using KOWA VX-10, Doctor can capture data using film, Polaroid film, videotape and so on.

KOWA VX-10 Fundus Camera Mydriatic is Powerful, flexible and patient and practitioner friendly, Kowa’s high-performance digital imaging system incorporates the most advanced components and systems technology that makes this system an increasingly indispensable tool for the modern practitioner. The machine provides an excellent imaging environment with multiple digital/video image inputs and capacities.

The VX-10 is Kowa’s combination non-mydriatic/mydriatic retinal camera that offers high quality, retinal imaging in one easy to use the platform.

Both VX-lOa and VX-IOi can be connected to the advanced Kowa VK-2 Digital Imaging System, enabling all images taken to be saved and economically organized. Additional the VK-2 system is specially designed to create an ideal and original clinical environment where all pictures may be shared everywhere as you wish via a LAN (Local Area Network).

-A single operation can switch from color photography angiography, and vice versa.
-Design for small size, lightweight and power-saving taking into consideration the support environment of gear.
-Automated exposure system 
-A wide-range flash of 0.6WS into 300 WS (19 phases) for completely handling film/digital data records.
-Switch to hand that enables automatic insertion of exciter film and the barrier filter.
-Switch to hand that enables switching to diopter lens for compensating the examined eye.
-Working space was directing focus and function discovering function, enabling flare-less, sharp pictures to be taken.
-Small pupil mode to manage inadequate learners diameter from mydriatic photography (not for non-mydriatic photography).
–TV tracking mode for readily enabling mydriatic photography without an attempt to look via a socket (change to infrared lighting).
-A digital camera can be linked if combined with a filing apparatus.
-Easy-to-see panel display which will indicate just available buttons in each mode.

KOWA VX-10 Included: Digital Kowa VX-10, Camera, Computer, monitor, and printer

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