Keeler PSL One Portable Slit Lamp


Keeler PSL One fabricated and designed with the strength to defy the daily traumas of this demanding environment that is ophthalmic, the PSL is durable, lightweight and powerful.

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Lightweight, durable and robust.

Keeler is a renowned manufacturer of ophthalmic and optometric equipment having been in the industry for more than one hundred years. It provides a wide range of diagnostic devices, and the Keeler PSL One is one of the top slit lamps you will find in the market today. The Keeler PSL One is among the diagnostic equipment you will want to have even if you already possess a slit lamp. It comes with the kind of convenience and flexibility you will desire to have around the office.

Keeler PSL One Key Features

  • Keeler designed and manufactured with the strength to withstand the daily traumas of the demanding ophthalmic environment, the PSL One is lightweight, durable and robust. Unique features such as the fixation targets and the 1mm square light patch for assessing a/c flare set the new standard for Portable Slit Lamps.
  • Advanced optics: PSL One has 10x magnification.
  • Now available with LED easy to use, controllable illumination. Illumination levels are controlled by a rheostat giving you control of your examination parameters. From zero to maximum, you choose.
  • Perfect for visiting the elderly and the infirm where dry eye, lid, and skin concerns are a commonplace.
  • Ideal for smaller, younger patients and larger adults where a conventional Slit Lamp is totally impractical or impossible to use.
  • Ideal for the busy practice, the PSL is so versatile it can be used for emergencies, mobility challenges to make assessments when clinics or rooms are fully booked.

Versatility and portability

The Keeler PSL One boasts of being versatile and portable as its main benefits. It is a slit lamp that has the strength and the ability to withstand the normal traumas that such equipment always encounter during the day to day operations of an ophthalmic clinic. Since it is lightweight, durable and robust, it has every feature to withstand the operations and demands of such clinics.

  • Suitable for use in different environments

The fact that the Keeler PSL One is portable makes it ideal for applications under various environments. It is ideal for visiting the infirm as well as the elderly where lid, dry eye, and skin are a day to day problems encountered by the people. It will also work well for larger adults and younger patients were using conventional slip lamps is always a challenge or may be impractical to use.

  • Ideal for emergencies¬†

Its versatility also makes it the ideal tool of choice for emergencies, assessments in mobile clinics as well as in rooms that are full of patients.

Advanced optics

What good would a slit lamp be if it is not in a position to offer the best images and videos? Well, the portable Keeler PSO one is a different model. To begin with, it is the product of one of the best manufacturers in the industry, and this is a subtle illustration of the quality you can expect. For advanced optics, the design of the lamp features very high-quality multi-layered glass featuring a multi-layered coated optical system that guarantees the best possible optical performance. With a magnification of up to 10X, you can expect very clear and detailed images and videos from this slit lamp.

Controllable Illumination

Controllable illumination is a vital feature in all ophthalmic equipment as it gives the users the versatility to control the examination parameters as they see fit. However, most of the slit lamps will allow a very minimal degree of control when it comes to the illumination. This is not the case with the Keeler PSL One.

It features a proven halogen illumination system, complete with various illumination levels that are easily adjustable with the help of rheostat. As such, operators can conveniently control the illumination levels from zero to the maximum which in turn allows them to adjust their examination parameters.

Direct charging capability

The Keeler PSL One comes with a charging base which makes direct charging for the unit possible. In addition to the charging base, it also has a carrying base to provide more versatility during the day to day usage.


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