Carl Zeiss IOLMaster 700



Unlike traditional biometry where the eye is imaged in one dimension, the Carl Zeiss IOLMaster 700 provides an image-based dimension, allowing one to see a cross-section of the eye.

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Zeiss IOLMaster 700 is an optical biometry which integrates swept source OCT to the optical biometry. Also, biometry to prevent errors and improve the quality of biometry. We also compared two apparatus concerning the ability to quantify AL in dense cataracts.

Zeiss IOLMaster 700

IOLMaster 700 managed to obtain AL measurements in most eyes. IOLMaster 500 was not able to quantify 8 of the 55 eyes with posterior subcapsular cataracts (LOCS III psc grade≥4). In 47 eyes, AL measurements used and from both tools were obtained in comparisons. 

IOLMaster 700 is as precise as IOLMaster 500 in getting biometric information. Also, it may obtain biometric measurements of some patients who cannot be measured by IOLMaster 500 because of complicated posterior subcapsular cataract. Intended to reduce the risk of refractive openings,  IOLMaster 700 provides precise and highly repeatable lens thickness and corneal thickness measurements of the eye. Simply speaking, the swept-source OCT is capable of measuring everything but the anterior corneal surface, and it does so in a depth of 44 mm and with six scan lines (0º, 30º, 60º, 90º, 120º, and 150º).

Key features of This IOLMaster 700 include:
-First from the sector sailed source OCT-based biometer
-Improved refractive results after cataract surgery: Identifies irregular eye geometries such as lens tilt, pictures the fovea to ensure correct fixation, telecentric keratometry


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