Huvitz Digital HDR-7000 Refractor


Huvitz HDR-7000 may interface with your graphs, computer, lensmeter and autorefractor/keratometer program, which makes it a smart selection for any practice that’s seeking to take vision testing to the next level.

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The Huvitz HDR-7000 is Convergence, Automatic Occlusion, and dual Cross Cylinder Lens, in addition to monocular PD adjustment all work together to guarantee precision and precision. Panel guides and intuitively organized keys make operation remarkably straightforward. Smartly, a multi-function run dial and fast lens loading placed printer create the HDR-7000 extremely convenient as well. No detail was neglected in this layout–even the LCD panel tilts and swivels, which makes it feasible to talk about the information that was displayed at almost any angle or direction.

The Huvitz HDR-7000 Digital Refractor enables automation of the subjective refraction process. The slim, compact design of the head eradicates the tunnel vision effect that may be sensed from layouts that are deeper. Also, the design allows a 40-degree field of view, which is the widest in the industry.

Key Features:
-Faster Quieter Motors – The HDR-7000 was re-engineered with faster quieter motors to enhance the speed and efficiency of the exam procedure. The Vision Chart has shut automatically the pointed pole is lowered into position and turns itself off when it is restored to the situation 
-Independent R/L PD Adjustment – For optimum control, the PD can be adjusted monocular for ultimate control. Additionally, the instrument automatically converges when there is a test that is near selected, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.
-Auto VD Detection – The Vertex Distance is automatically detected after the patients make contact with the forehead rest. Also, a LED notifies you If the patient loses contact with the forehead rest.
-Auto Occlusion – When a lens shift is delivered to the patient that the patient’s eyesight is mechanically occluded to avoid confusion.

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