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Haag Streit bm 900 slit lamps have highly been simplified and are very effective. They minimize the effect of the light dispersed on the eyes.

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Haag Streit BM 900: The Modern Microscopy LED Slit Lamp 

Introduction To Haag Streit BM 900

Well, BM 900 LED Slit Lamp is an ideal choice for anterior and posterior segments. It holds a developing and advanced history in standard microscopy optical equipment of almost 55 years. Also, it is considered even as one of the best investments in modern slit lamps that made optical practice more advanced. 

In fact, more than 100,000 professional worldwide owes BM 900 due to its refined classic utility. BM 900 is a high-quality stereoscopic microscope with convergent yet short observer uniqueness. Therefore, it helps retinal specialists to see the whole detailed structure of patients eye easily.

Product Description About Haag Streit BM 900

With many advantages, BM 900 is a useful, durable, light-weighted and a uniquely designed modern microscopic LED Slit Lamp. Most importantly it gives best details of the diagnosed retina, cornea and other eye features of the patient. BM 900 is excellent eye care diagnosing device and a guaranteed, easy to use and adjustable featured equipment. It is for exceptional viewing of visual details with no eye fatigue and stress.

 In addition, this device comes with two tonometry options, as mentioned below:

  1. Applanation Tonometer AT 900 C/M: It is permanent on BM 900 LED Slit Lamp.
  2. Applanation Tonometer AT 900 M/Q: You can easily place it on the guide plate whenever required for use.

Specifications Of Haag Streit BM 900

  • Fundus Module 300: It gives users an instant and immediate fundus high-quality imaging of the patient’s eye. It is an advanced and innovate feature of Haag Streit BM 900 that allows easy Fundus Module 300 integration for the detailed examination of the retina and other eye parts. Being easy to use, learn and practice it saves much time for eye care professionals. It offers high definition image which is far more convenient than other LED slit lamps.
  • Patented Joystick: Furthermore the creative joystick design gives this optical device an ideal cross slide mechanism. It allows users to take easy control over both horizontal and vertical movements. Perfect design, quality material and highly integrated constructive structure of joystick provide smoother yet effortless movement. It’s an ideal design that gives no strain to the wrist/finger. Moreover, it comes with a guaranteed long life LED slit lamp.
  • Illumination System: BM 900, equipped with a defined illumination system gives perfect brightness and light almost up to 600,000 Lux. You can easily rotate, tilt and slide up to 8mm in width and length respectively. It offers a flawless posterior and easy observation.

All specified features and controls related to filter and slit are simple to use, effortless to move and purposeful for use. The device is actually a piece of masterpiece equipment which stands above all the others and provides faultless observations and perception of the patient’s eye with every detail.

  • Instrumental Base: Haag Streit BM 900 comes with an adjustable and griped base that can help in single hand 2-dimensional operation. Its spatial quality base gives a comfortable control level. The wholesome measurement of the instrumental base is 100 mm (length), 100 mm (side), 30 mm (height)
  • Additional Accessory: It can also access other optical accessories that can enhance its usage and capability. And seems like this device can easily attach with available eyepieces that are uniquely and only designed for BM 900. Wide range eyepiece accessory boosts its magnification quality up to 16 x and 25 x wide angle, and length angle specifically.

Key Features

  • Specially designed light spectrum to guarantee best details in diagnosis from the cornea to the retina
  • Brightest and most homogeneous LED powered slit
  • Ergonomic –slit illumination control
  • Lasts a lifetime – no more bulb change
  • Energy saving
  • Original Haag-Streit quality

 In Conclusion

As Haag Streit BM 900 is a stereo angle microscope, it comes with LED Slit Lamp that gives UV and IR filters with inbuilt filter shades of blue, (red-free green) and grey (10%). The ideal measurable dimension of this medical equipment is 312 mm x 305 mm x 700 mm (W x L x H). BM 900 also needs an average power supply between 100-240 volts for its proper functioning.

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