Essilor Kappa M10 patternless lens edger


Essilor Kappa M10 is a patternless lens edger with grooving, polishing, champfaring

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Essilor Kappa M10 is a patternless lens edger with grooving, polishing, chamfering

This is a used Essilor Kappa M10 or Gerber Coburn M10 in excellent working conditions.


  • pressure control lens according to the material.
  • Automatic calibration.
  • Self-cleaning.
  • Self-Maintenance menu.
  • Patented simultaneous reading of the front and rear surface of the lens on the perimeter cutting (thickness).
  • Bezel lenses; mineral, organic, high index and polycarbonate.
  • Custom Bezel (choice of bevel position).
  • Make bevel plane.
  • Making a groove in organic and polycarbonate lenses.
  • Custom Slot (choice of slot position).
  • Adjusting depth and width of the groove
  • Make polished on the edge of organic lenses and polycarbonate.
  • Flexible for grinding the inner and outer edge and Muela.
  • Customized Toolbar.
  • Statistics operations.
  • Memorization of 200 forms and eccentricities.
  • Operation in the network.


  • bar code scanners
  • one tank
  • water pumps
  • roughing wheel
  • reproducer
  • blue box with all accessories including tracing attachment
  • calibration gages
  • drain hose
  • power and interface cables.    
  • Tracer / Blocker
  • Change in shape
  • Thin shafts
  • Grooves
  • accessory kit
  • vacuum cleaner
  • operating manuals.
  • Gauge set/suitcases
  • all necessary network
  • communication cables a.s.o
  • Warranty 12 Month


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