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I-Optics EasyScan eye care represents a simple and distinctive turnkey concept and bringing a consumer eye care expertise in 3 minutes transported between locations.

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EasyScan may be utilized in single clinics, cellular workstations and with numerous inspection stations.

EasyScan’s compact design enables it to fit in every office area and to be stored and moved between locations with ease. The USB connection to your computer provides you the flexibility to run your practices anywhere. Retinopathies become detectable with a clear and sharp picture for precise diagnoses.

By combining different components, such as training modules, in-store marketing packs, software cartoons, reports to proceed and a script to get advice, everything falls into place. Easyscan allows retailers to provide customers with a unique eye care experience, but also leads to improved traffic generation and customer loyalty.

The EasyScan is the only retinal imaging apparatus engineered to address equally opticians and optometrists’ want equally. Whether you aim to cultivate your customer base or want pictures to deliver flawless diagnoses, EasyScan is the solution to a large number of scenarios.

I-Optics EasyScan is a breakthrough zero-dilation retinal imaging system that is ideal for the identification of diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, and glaucoma. EasyScan uses Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope technology for imaging. Benefits of this SLO technology include; earlier identification of conditions, higher contrast than a fundus camera and much better penetration of media opacities like the cataract.

EasyScan requires zero- dilation thanks to the usage of green and infrared laser technologies providing optimal patient comfort. EasyScan’s compact design enables it to fit in every single office space

-Advanced, high-contrast SLO technology at a cost everyone Are Able to Afford
-High-contrast imaging, watch until the roughest bifurcation (see from 10µ)
-Real-time live view of the retina increased view of the periphery, automatic iris detection.
-Autofocus, auto capture, automobile exposure.
-Capture style: Green (532 nm) and near IR (785 nm) for three imaging methods
-Easy to use: Joystick navigation and intuitive user software.
-EasyConnect for Effortless sharing, archiving, reporting and archiving
-Compact, portable EasyScan fits on every desk, anywhere.
-Award-winning design

I-Optics EasyScan Included:
– Camera
– Locked case + Key
– Dell Inspiron laptop
– Retinal Imaging Software
– Power cords for camera and computer
– USB cable

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