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Konan Noncon Cellchek XL Nsp-9900 specular microscopes are the global leaders for specular endothelial analysis, both for routine clinical practice and clinical research.

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The CellChek XL is the latest in computer technology and cell evaluation algorithms. The tool is easy to use and provides essential information for procedures including refractive IOLs transplants, DSAEK, contact lens fitting and more to professionals.

The testing, from imaging to conclusion of analysis that is automated, fits easily into your patient flow. The broad selection of patients that need this modality makes it a wise decision. The CellChek XL’s side-by-side settings let you put it against a wall or in a corner. The gear allows you to monitor cell changes related to the use of new practices, and can further add value by giving data for case reports to journals.

The CellChek XL delivers mobile level imaging of the corneal endothelium and one of the comprehensive tools for cellular morphology and trending analysis.  The CellChek XL is used globally for regular clinical usage including many of the top medical and surgical applications

CellChek XL is a fully automated system includes non-contact pachymetry and peripheral analysis features critical for following tissue transplantation procedures. 

The microscope system comprises 19″ touch display, motorized table, and printer. Konan provides innovative topics web-enabled training along with the most excellent clinical support of the industry.


– CellChek XL is ease of use with patented analysis methods that can reliably assess even problematic endothelium.

– Konan’s CellChek specular microscope features auto-align, auto-focus, auto-capture, auto-analysis and auto-pachymetry for one-button ease of use.

– Konan additionally includes semi-automated methods to make robust use of minim numbers of observable cells with advanced disease state corneas.

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-Fully Automated

– Konan’s patented capture method acquires data samples which can allow accurate re-assessment of same specular data sample areas  

-Trends analysis is critical to understanding your chosen treatment responses and progression or arrest of disease.

CellChek XL includes analysis software with fully integrated database and trends analysis, and also 19″ touchscreen monitor, electric table, and printer.



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