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Norwood EyeCare
offer world-class Ophthalmic Equipment

Norwood Eyecare – The only ophthalmic equipment supplier you will ever need!

Norwood Eyecare partners with some of the world’s most reputable brands to bring you premium ophthalmic equipment.

As experts in eye care, we at Norwood Eyecare will stop at nothing to bring you unrivaled new and refurbished ophthalmic equipment that will exceed your expectations. We have been in the eye care industry long enough to know what every business in the industry needs, and at every stage.

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Our Mission

Start Right with a Caring Partner

New in the business and not sure what to stock yet? Well, you always want to ensure you get your merchandise from a certified dealer, which is what we are. Secondly, you want to work with a partner that is knowledgeable about ophthalmic equipment, such as Norwood Eyecare. We lend our expertise to our clients, so you are in good hands.

Remote Support

It doesn’t matter where your offices are situated; our experts are available to offer you the support you need to set up and calibrate your equipment. Our team, highly knowledgeable in the operational, technical, and clinical aspects of all the equipment we sell, is available online and physically to help you set up and get started with the right tools of the trade.

Exceptional Customer Service

Norwood Eyecare has a team of customer care representatives waiting to serve you whenever you call. There are no delays, and we’ll never put you on hold for hours before assisting you. Soon as you get in touch, you are directed to the right person to handle your issue, and an appointment is made if there is a need for one.

What makes us Stand Out?

  • Our premium new and refurbished equipment speaks for us. Most of our clients recommend us to their circles because our quality is unmatched.
  • Our prices are competitive.
  • We organize transportation for your purchases, to ensure it gets to you in the great shape.
  • Exceptional customer care that reaches you wherever you are, whether in person or online.
  • Our relationship does not end at the point of sale. We follow through to help with installation and other technical aspects of the equipment.

Our Products

Our new and used ophthalmic equipment include phoropters, refractors, tonometers, chairs and stands, retinal camera, digital imaging equipment, corneal topographer, autorefractors, slit lamps, pachymeters, and many more.

The refurbished products are in the best condition before we put them up for sale, we take them through a thorough refurbishment and inspection process, and only sell them after they have met all the necessary conditions. They come with warranties too to cover you for reasonable periods the same way new ones would.

We also do trade-ins for new products. If you bought equipment that you find you cannot use, we could trade it in for the ones you need. As with everything we stock, trade-ins have to go through an inspection process to meet our requirements.


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Phone: +65 31445 111
Email: sales[at]norwoodeyecare.com